Crisis Response Unit QuickSupport

Remote Support

Have a Crisis Response Unit technician remotely connect to your PC, share screen views and allow them to fix the problem for you while on the phone.

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VIPRERescue Virus Scanner

Run an automatic virus scan on your PC, courtesy of VIPRE Antivirus. This scan may take up to 4 hours and may affect the performance of your computer. Please close any open applications you may have before starting the scanner.


herdProtect Virus Scanner

Run a cloud-based virus scanner on your PC, courtesy of HerdProtect. This scan may take up to 1 hour.

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RDDClient Online Data Recovery

If you selected the "online download" option for recovering your personal data, you will need to use this utility to copy the data to your computer.



Detailed, easy to follow steps for using our self-service utilities and solving common problems yourself, saving you time and money.

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This utility will diagnose your internet connection, and if there are any problems with your internet, will detail what the issues are.